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The Championship Golf Courses  

Golfing at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort offers an excellent challenge for amateurs and professional alike. Honored as the Best Golfing Experience in South Malaysia, the resort offers three different yet similarly breathtaking options. Three championship golf courses are carved from the rolling hills of oil palm plantations. Designed by internationally known architects Max Wexler and Mamiya San, the emphasis was to preserve nature and protect the environment.

The carefully landscaped and manicured courses blend with natural forests, mangroves and waterways, providing an ambience of closeness to nature. It is not uncommon to see wildlife on the course. The undulating fairways turfed with Zoysia Matrella and emerald greens of Bermuda Tifdwarf promises golfers a dramatic and challenging game. A fleet of golf buggies add joy the pleasure of the game.





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