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1. Play is subject to TPGR Golfing By-laws.
2. Full Green & buggy fees will be refunded in the form of rain check voucher after registration but have not teed-off when the course is close for more than 1 hour due to inclement weather or due to unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the Golfing Manager.
3. Partial green fee only will be refunded in the form of rain check voucher after tee- off from 1 st hole (or 10 th if designated on course ticket) but have not completed that nine, it is considered that nine has been played.
4. Rain check vouchers will be issued based on 1 flight basis, (as long as 1 golfer from each flight has teed-off, the whole flight is considered having teed-off)
5. A surcharge of RM21.20 will be imposed for changing of course after registration. Waiver of fees at the discretion of the Golfing Manager due to unforeseen circumstances.
6. All golfers must strictly adhere to the tee-off time. Last tee off time on weekend mornings is 9.15am
7. All golfers must wear proper attire and golf shoes. No collarless tee-shirts, singlet, shorts, beach wear or running shoes are permitted.
All golfers must retain and display valid course tickets during play.

All golfers are responsible for damage to their buggies. A daily golfer’s insurance policy compulsory administration fee of RM212.00 will be automatically charged to guest’s account for any buggy accident insurance claim. The liability payable by the insurer is limited to a maximum of RM2,500 in damages and any excess cost will be borne by the guests.

All golfers must have a valid golf handicap or proficiency certificate.

The Management reserves the right to refuse play to anyone without any reason whatsoever, prevent/remove anyone abusive in language or actions and not adhering to the above rules & regulations from the Golf course / resort.


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