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STRAITS COURSE Hole by Hole Description


A Golfer's Challenge

Designed by Akira Mamiya and is constructed following closely to the coastline of the Straits of Johor. This exclusive 6,163 metre 18-hole course is the latest addition to the Tanjong Puteri collection, designating a more accurate playing strategy. Some of the fairways, greens and tee boxes have the mangrove swamp as their main backdrop. At Hole 2, the high tide would bring brackish water of the swamp to the edge of the fairway.

The 3rd tee box overlooks a small river that meanders through the mangroves before discharging its water into the Straits. A very challenging course for the golfer who has to cope with the undulating terrain, rocky outcrops, mangroves for roughs and strong prevailing winds from the Straits.


HOLE 1 Par 5 - 473m Good Start

The first hole par 5 will give you good start for the day. It requires a long and accurate tee shot.

The entire right side is OB with lakes on the left, right up to the green side. It is a straight away hole with 6 bunkers.


HOLE 2 Par 4 - 401m The Lakes

An accurate drive is required on this slight dog leg right with lakes running along the left side, right up to the green. Well positioned bunker, makes tee shot very demanding.

The green guarded by two bunkers, with lakes closed to the left bank.


HOLE 3 Par 3 - 160m Down Hill

Very good par 3 down hill all the way, makes this hole shorter than the distance.

Lake and big bunker on the left will catch any tee shot that does not land on the green.


HOLE 4 Par 4 - 324m Pimples

Slight dog leg to the right, with big fairway bunker on the right side of the fairway will catch many push tee shot. The lake is running all the way on the left side of the fairway, but not a threat unless you really hit a big hooked shot.
Short par 4, a lot of small bunker on the left side of elevated green gives you an easy short iron for your approach. 


HOLE 5 Par 4 - 339m Valley of Hopes

This short par 4, dog leg to the right with the green practically flat will give an easy hole for most of the player. The drive has to carry valley of hopes in the centre and try not to go over the green for your approach shot.


HOLE 6 Par 5 - 450m Blind Corner

This dog leg left short par 5, is considered one of the easiest hole on the golf course. The drive must be properly positioned to avoid two big bunkers, left side of the fairway. Anything right will be safe but if you hit it too long, the OB line will punish you.

Slight undulating green, a lot of bump and hump around the green will make your chip shot tricky, if you miss the green.


HOLE 7 Par 4 - 354m Opposite Side

Par 4 dog leg to the right from the tee, you can see the 1st hole fairway on the opposite side of the lake. Big wide fairway second shot can be very tricky depending on the wind direction.

The lake on the left side, right up to the green will come into play if you miss it to the left. Slight undulating green makes putting tricky.


HOLE 8 Par 3 - 151m Water Hole

This short par 3 demands accuracy and right club selection. Lake to the left side of the green and back with big bunker to the right side and two tier green sometime creates havoc.

The wind condition is a very important criteria. 


HOLE 9 Par 4 - 333m Making Turn

Short dog leg left par 4 looks simple but very tricky, if you do not play according to the design of the hole. The lakes running at the entire left side of the fairway, and a lot of pot bunker guarding the fairway makes tee shot very demanding.

Only short iron to the elevated green guarded by two big bunkers, left and right. Watch out for OB on the right side.


HOLE 10 Par 5 - 472m Temptation

Very tempting par 5 for long hitters. It is a straight forward hole where the fairway is guarded by bunker to the left and right. Accurate second shot is required for the lake guarding the entire left side back and right of the green.

Two bunkers guarding the green will catch many miss cue second shot. 


HOLE 11 Par 4 - 369m Three Devils

This dog leg left with three bunkers guarding the landing area will punish tee shot which are inaccurate and not long enough. This is the devil of the hole where many good and bad shot punished by this bunker.

The second shot with short and medium iron with the green guarded by big bunker in front and right back where the lake will punish hooked second shot to the left.


HOLE 12 Par 4 - 347m The Rock

Lake covers the entire left side of the hole and bunker heavily guarded the fairway, makes tee shot very tricky.

Only a short iron into the heavily guarded undulating green for your second shot. Putting can be difficult on this green.

HOLE 13 Par 3 - 172m Country Side

From the tee you can over look a beautiful landscape green vegetation surrounding the green. This hole is designed close to the swamp area and the green is built on the plateau.

Medium to long iron tee shot towards big green, where three big bunkers guarding the green. 


HOLE 14 Par 4 - 404m Tough Luck

Par 4 dog leg to the right needs an accurate tee shot in order to have easier second shot to the flat green. The fairway is surrounded by many bunkers which demands long and accurate tee shot.

The green is guarded by two big bunkers, front left and back right. There is a big bunker 30m shot of the green, always punishes those who do not hit good second shot. 

HOLE 15 Par 4 - 323m Almost There

Short and tricky par 4 where the lakes running the entire right side from the tee right up to the green. Anything right will be disastrous.?It is only a short par 4 where you do not need a driver to hit your tee shot.

Three bunkers guarded green side and lakes of course will catch any shot that miss the green. 


HOLE 16 Par 5 - 536m Big Decision

Long winding par 5 where most players will decided how to hit their tee shot. It is a big fairway to the left of the hole. This dog leg right par 5 will be shorter if a player have the guts to take a short cut to a small area on the right side of the fairway. The lakes are covering the entire right side of the hole. Many players play a safety shot to the left to make sure they will not be in the water.

Distance of your drive will only be decided on how you hit your second shot, because there is a valley in the middle of the fairway to carry. It is a thinking hole and proper planning will be rewarded. 


HOLE 17 Par 3 - 148m Island of Dream

This is a signature hole on the golf course, where you have to hit the tee shot into an island green. Very demanding hole depending on the wind condition. Medium and long iron sometime even a short iron, depending on the condition.  

To get it on to the green is already a great achievement. Keep on dreaming.


HOLE 18 Par 4 - 429m The Toughest

One of the most toughest hole on the course. Long and straight par 4 with cannel running across the fairway makes your tee shot even tougher. One huge bunker situated right side of the fairway gives player a fright. With some portion of the fairway covered by lakes, another obstacle for golfer to face.

Fairway wood and long iron sometimes needed for your second shot into an elevated green with acres of sand on the left side. Great finishing hole and you will walk away with a smile if you get a par.



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